15 Country Market Entry for Venture Backed RPA Firm

Client problem:

A rapidly growing VC backed RPA company with revenues of over $300 million needed a back-office infrastructure established as they aggressively expanded their global footprint.

International Expansion Planning

The CFO, General Counsel, and Head of Human Resources came to us to solve this problem. The list of countries was disparate, which was unsurprising to us. Most businesses have some organic growth which can take them to large markets. Traditionally, this included countries thought of for international growth, like Brazil, Russia, China, and Germany. Growth targets could also include more exotic markets like Hungary, Slovenia, Colombia, and Thailand. Each represented its own challenges since regulations not only exist at the functional levels of legal, tax, and HR, but also at the country level, state level, and local levels.

What we did:   

We provided end-to-end market entry support, which meant:

  • Evaluating each market for size, competitive landscape, complexity, and growth potential

  • Developed an expansion roadmap that would enable them to secure the human capital they needed to be successful

  • Drove the implementation plan in each country

  • Developed benchmarks and plan for transition to a self-service model so that the client would be armed with the necessary infrastructure and competencies to reassess their delivery model and consider if a fully outsourced back-office would still be fit for purpose

The Results:

Our client realized savings in excess of $3 million dollars from the optimization of salary spend, reduced tax and compliance cost burdens and speed to market entry. Our plan also allowed the client to scale in a flexible manner, on their own timeline, and to continually optimize their delivery infrastructure.

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