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In today’s global market, managing the complexities of legal entity management and compliance presents a significant challenge for businesses. Our bespoke entity management services offer a streamlined, technology-driven solution, ensuring compliance, governance, and efficient management across all jurisdictions. With our expertise, businesses can navigate the legal landscapes confidently, ensuring regulatory adherence and operational excellence. 

Why Choose Our Entity Management & Compliance Services?

A comprehensive approach to entity management & compliance through corporate compliance and governance.


We combine a global outlook with unparalleled local expertise. Our team draws upon a wealth of first-hand experience from all over the world — and it shows. From formation to dissolution, our services cover every aspect of entity management, ensuring a seamless, risk-free experience.


Meet your Global Services Director, your go-to expert for everything related to your international team and global business. This HSP hallmark makes communication easy.


Need more? We have the in-house expertise to manage the entire global expansion lifecycle on your behalf.


By integrating cutting-edge technology with deep legal expertise, we offer unmatched support for businesses aiming to manage their entities effectively.

The Importance of Effective Entity Management & Compliance

Effective entity management is crucial for maintaining corporate compliance and navigating the complexities of global business operations. It ensures that businesses can meet their legal obligations, manage risk, and operate with integrity in every jurisdiction. Our services provide the expertise and tools needed to achieve these objectives, empowering businesses to focus on growth and innovation. 

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Acquia leverages a single global provider, equipped to handle all the company’s people and entity needs.

“Since going live, our team has reported significant quality improvements and time efficiencies in the work we have received, along with a sense of comfort that our international entities are well looked after.”
Caroline Painter
Director, International Finance

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We tackle the details so you don’t have to.

Navigating market nuances demands a wealth of resources. Yet, these differences are often overlooked or unknown. When do you trigger a permanent establishment (PE)? How do you fulfill global representation requirements in different countries? We can untangle this maze of details and help you get it right, every time. 

Consider the benefits that our Entity Management & Compliance solution brings:


Tap into GateWay, our global expansion platform, for all the corporate details that matter to your business.


Eliminate the risk of fines and penalties by always being on the right side of the law.


Leverage our market knowledge to drive informed decisions that benefit your global entities.

The GateWay Advantage

Gain a digital edge with GateWay, our cloud-based global expansion platform. The intuitive dashboard and real-time calendars capture your global corporate structure and every detail you need to effectively manage your multi-country footprint. Consider it your one-stop-shop for entity management.

Ensuring Compliance in Entity Management

Compliance is a cornerstone of successful entity management. Our comprehensive entity management service includes tailored solutions to ensure that your business meets all regulatory requirements, minimizes risk, and operates within legal frameworks. From corporate compliance strategies to governance models, we provide the guidance and support necessary for your peace of mind. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Entity management involves overseeing a business’s legal and compliance status across different jurisdictions. It’s essential for ensuring that a company meets its legal obligations, manages risk effectively, and maintains operational integrity, which is crucial for long-term success and sustainability.

Ensuring compliance involves adopting a proactive approach to legal obligations, leveraging expert advice, and utilizing technology to monitor and manage compliance requirements. Our entity management services provide the framework and support to navigate these challenges seamlessly.

While there are many service providers who bring large-scale, standardized solutions to global expansion challenges, a governance expert with a tailored approach and real-world expertise will always deliver the right results for your company. In fact, our clients frequently tell us how much they appreciate the fact that HSP has become an essential extension of their internal corporate secretarial and compliance teams, providing global insights while ensuring the good standing of their global entities. 


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