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Expand Globally with Employer of Record

Unlock global opportunities with HSP Group’s International Employer of Record (EoR) services. Tailored to meet the unique needs of your business, our EoR services facilitate a seamless expansion into new markets, minimizing risks and optimizing efficiency. As your partner, we manage the intricacies of international staffing and compliance, enabling you to focus on strategic growth and operational excellence.

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Why Choose HSP Group for Employer of Record Services?

We provide a strategic approach to Employer of Record services, ensuring meticulous oversight and seamless integration for all aspects of global employment compliance and operations.

Evaluated EoR

Facing uncertainties with your international expansion strategy? Our EoR Evaluation service is meticulously designed to guide you through assessing your options. We help determine if EoR is the ideal solution for your specific needs or if another strategy might be more effective, ensuring your decision is well-informed, cost-effective, and beneficial for your business.

Delivered EoR

Experience our fully managed, competitive EoR solution, enhanced with optional white-glove services for a bespoke experience. Our extensive global network guarantees a flawless integration between clients and international staff, circumventing typical challenges associated with EoR platforms. Additionally, we facilitate a smooth transition from EoR to direct employer status as required.

Managed EoR

Our comprehensive management of over 15 global EoR providers ensures that you can engage directly with your chosen providers while benefiting from our specialized expertise. We allocate dedicated technical consulting hours to empower your team, enhancing the value derived from your EoR provider and ensuring seamless operations worldwide.

Advanced EoR Technology

Leveraging state-of-the-art technology alongside our profound HR expertise, we deliver unparalleled support for your international HR needs. Our EoR solutions are tailored to enhance operational efficiency and ensure the reliability of your HR functions across the globe.

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The Critical Role of Effective Employer of Record Management

Effective management of Employer of Record (EoR) services is pivotal for maintaining compliance with international labor regulations and simplifying the intricacies of transnational business operations. It ensures that organizations meet their legal and ethical commitments, manage risks associated with global staffing, and maintain operational integrity in every country they operate. HSP Group’s comprehensive EoR services equip businesses with specialized expertise and advanced technological support, enabling them to focus on expansion and innovation while we handle the complexities of global employment.


Facilitating a Seamless Global Expansion for Thermo Systems

“Overall, HSP’s customer service has been excellent – from the practical day to day project management of the dedicated implementation team to the consultant's expertise in various technical areas. Regardless of the country or problem presented to them, they are extremely responsive and demonstrate excellent guidance and solutions”
Sueann Snodgrass
Chief People Officer at Thermo Systems

We Manage the Complexities So You Can Focus on Your Business

Navigating the subtleties of international employment under an Employer of Record is a demanding task that requires a high level of attention to detail, often going unrecognized. How do you manage varying legal implications across different countries? What’s the best approach to ensure compliance with local employment laws? HSP specializes in resolving these intricate EoR challenges, ensuring precision and consistency across your operations.

Embrace the Advantages that HSP’s EoR Services Provide:


Access comprehensive details through GateWay, our industry-leading EoR management system, for a clear overview of your global employment landscape. This platform simplifies the management of international staff, providing all necessary information at your fingertips.


Stay ahead of potential employment pitfalls, avoiding costly mistakes and ensuring strict adherence to international employment regulations. Our EoR services are designed to mitigate risks and maintain compliance across all jurisdictions.


Benefit from our extensive knowledge of local employment laws and practices to make strategic decisions that support your international workforce. Our global reach and local insights enhance overall operational efficiency and ensure compliance, enabling your business to scale effectively and confidently.

The GateWay Advantage

GateWay, our proprietary global expansion management platform, is at the heart of our global employment solutions, providing unmatched access to data and analytics tailored for EoR management. Designed to streamline your global employment processes, GateWay offers real-time insights and a comprehensive dashboard for visibility into your international staffing operations. This platform simplifies complex employment tasks, enabling you to maintain a clear and informed perspective on managing your global workforce through our EoR services.

Ensuring Compliance in Global Employment through EoR

Compliance is the cornerstone of proficient global employment management via an Employer of Record. HSP’s comprehensive EoR solutions are meticulously designed to ensure that your operations comply with all relevant employment regulations, thereby minimizing risk and upholding compliance within the complex legal frameworks of each country. From strategic compliance planning to the implementation of robust governance practices, we provide the expertise and support essential for your operational peace of mind as you expand globally.

Frequently Asked Questions

An Employer of Record (EoR) is a service that legally employs staff on behalf of another company, particularly useful in countries where the company does not have a local entity. By handling all local legal and HR responsibilities, including employment contracts, payroll, taxes, and compliance with local employment laws, an EoR simplifies the complexities of international staffing. This allows your business to quickly and efficiently expand its workforce globally without the need for establishing separate legal entities in each country.

An Employer of Record enables businesses to employ staff in new markets without the necessity of setting up a local corporation or subsidiary. By using an EoR service, your company can operate in multiple countries, leveraging the EoR’s existing infrastructure to manage legal, payroll, and HR responsibilities. This approach significantly reduces the time and costs associated with international expansion while ensuring full compliance with local regulations.

An Employer of Record manages all aspects of payroll, taxes, and employee benefits according to local laws and regulations. This includes calculating and processing payroll deductions, filing tax documents, and administering benefits like health insurance and retirement plans. By outsourcing these functions to an EoR, your company can ensure accurate and timely payments and contributions, maintaining compliance and employee satisfaction in every jurisdiction.

Not using an Employer of Record when expanding internationally can expose your business to significant risks, including non-compliance with local labor and tax laws, potential legal penalties, and operational inefficiencies. Without an EoR, companies must navigate complex foreign bureaucracies to establish a legal presence, which can be time-consuming and costly, potentially leading to delays and errors in employee management.

Yes, utilizing an Employer of Record can significantly enhance employee satisfaction in foreign markets. An EoR ensures that all employment-related processes, such as payroll, benefits administration, and compliance with local employment laws, are handled professionally and smoothly. This reliability and professionalism can increase employee trust and morale, leading to higher retention rates and a more engaged workforce in international locations.


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