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Our eBook section includes information and thought leadership across our industry. It’s designed to help clients navigate the issues and hurdles they face as they expand overseas and grow their operations – as well as capitalize on the opportunities available.


How to deliver successful cross-border carve-out

This extensive report written by HSP Group and our partners at Deel details the complexities and risks associated with getting cross-border carve-outs wrong.


Success Story: The Right Path to Global Growth

Before Acquia hired HSP Group as its strategic growth partner, the company’s initial approach to global expansion had resulted in a variety of solutions in different countries that were becoming increasingly difficult to manage


Success Story: Going Global

When a fast-growing FinTech company reached out to HSP Group to become its sole expansion partner, we helped them achieve a more stress-free and efficient approach to cross-border growth.


13 Costly Mistakes to Avoid when Expanding to the United States

Despite its business-friendly reputation, entering the US market inevitably involves navigating a sea of rules and regulations that in many cases are unique in comparison with other locations.


Relocating at a Time of Crisis

War, unrest, political tensions, repression and corruption can suddenly present global businesses and their employees with issues, such as urgent relocations, sorting out visas and dealing with complex rules and regulations. So how can businesses move quickly to help their employees at a time of crisis, as well as plan for emergencies in the future? 

Four Critical Mistakes to Avoid when Expanding Globally

Capitalizing on your business’s domestic momentum and embarking on a multinational expansion is a time-sensitive opportunity. However, in this critical process, mistakes can happen.

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