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EoR to Entity Support

EoR to Entity Support​

Advance Beyond Employer of Record to An Owned Entity

Elevate your global presence with HSP Group’s EoR-to-Entity Transition service. Designed for businesses transitioning from an Employer of Record to owning legal entities, our services streamline market expansion, reduce risks, and enhance efficiency. As your partner, we simplify international staffing and compliance, supporting your growth into a fully self-managed infrastructure across over 100 global markets.

Why Choose HSP Group for Employer of Record to Entity Services?

A strategic approach to transitioning from Employer of Record services to direct entity management.

Holistic Transition Management

Adopt a holistic approach to transitioning from an Employer of Record to managing your own global operations with HSP’s EoR to Entity service. We ensure meticulous compliance and strategic governance throughout the transition process, setting the foundation for successful direct employment management.

Transition Expertise

Our team offers a global perspective with unmatched expertise in local compliance and employment practices. We rely on extensive firsthand experience across multiple countries to guide your transition from onboarding through to offboarding as your own entity. Our service encompasses all facets of transition management, providing you with a streamlined and secure experience as you move to direct employment.

Comprehensive Transition Support

Looking for a solution that covers every detail? Our in-house expertise is perfectly poised to manage your entire transition process. We handle the complexities of moving away from an EoR model, enabling you to focus on your core business strategies without the administrative burden. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology alongside our profound HR expertise, we deliver unparalleled support for your international HR needs. Our EoR solutions are tailored to enhance operational efficiency and ensure the reliability of your HR functions across the globe.

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The Essential Role of Compliant EoR to Entity Management

Expert management of HSP’s EoR to Entity support is crucial for a seamless transition from Employer of Record (EoR) setups to owning legal entities, ensuring compliance with international labor laws and simplifying the intricacies of global business operations. This service guarantees that organizations can evolve their operations, meeting their legal and ethical obligations while managing the risks associated with international expansion. HSP Group’s EoR to Entity service provides businesses with the specialized expertise and advanced technology they need to smoothly transition to self-management, focusing on strategic growth while we handle the complexities of global establishment and employment.


How FLSmidth achieved a successful global payroll implementation

“HSP Group has been able to handle pretty much every request that we’ve put forward to them. We can always ask the team various questions and they showcase their experience by analyzing the situation and proposing viable solutions. This only comes through building trust and knowing that we’re working with a company that has the talent and expertise we need. We've had a wonderful experience with the entire team at HSP Group.”
Staci Recksiek
Head of Global People Experience

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We Simplify Your Transition So You Can Focus on Your Business

Navigating the complexities of evolving from an Employer of Record to owning legal entities is a meticulous task that demands high attention to detail and often goes unrecognized. How do you manage varying legal implications across different countries? What’s the best approach to ensure compliance with local employment laws as you transition? HSP specializes in resolving these intricate challenges through our EoR to Entity service, ensuring precision and consistency as your operations expand.

Embrace the Advantages that HSP’s EoR to Entity Services Provide:


Access comprehensive details through GateWay, our leading management system, designed for a clear overview of your evolving employment landscape. This platform simplifies the transition process, providing all the necessary information to manage your international staff effectively.


Stay ahead of potential pitfalls during your transition, avoiding costly mistakes and ensuring strict adherence to international employment regulations. Our EoR to Entity service is designed to mitigate risks and maintain compliance across all jurisdictions as you move towards independence.


Benefit from our extensive knowledge of local employment laws and practices to make strategic decisions that support your workforce during this critical phase. Our global reach and local insights enhance overall operational efficiency and ensure compliance, enabling your business to evolve confidently and effectively.

The GateWay Advantage

GateWay, our proprietary global expansion management platform, is at the heart of our global employment solutions, providing unmatched access to data and analytics tailored for EoR management. Designed to streamline your global employment processes, GateWay offers real-time insights and a comprehensive dashboard for visibility into your international staffing operations. This platform simplifies complex employment tasks, enabling you to maintain a clear and informed perspective on managing your global workforce through our EoR services.

Frequently Asked Questions

The EoR to Entity service is designed for companies looking to transition from utilizing an Employer of Record to establishing their own legal entities abroad. This service facilitates the shift by handling legal, payroll, and HR responsibilities during the transition, providing the support needed to establish an independent operational framework in multiple countries. This structured approach minimizes the complexities and risks associated with establishing a legal presence and streamlines the transition process.

Our EoR to Entity service provides comprehensive support by managing all aspects of the transition process. This includes strategic planning, compliance checks, local legal setup, and the transfer of HR functions like payroll and employee benefits to the company’s new entity. Our platform, GateWay, offers real-time insights and a detailed dashboard to ensure a smooth and informed transition, reducing the administrative burden and allowing companies to focus on strategic growth.

Companies benefit from greater control over their international operations, improved compliance with local regulations, and enhanced flexibility in managing their workforce. Owning legal entities also often results in cost savings over time compared to continually using an EoR service. Additionally, establishing local entities can enhance a company’s reputation and presence in international markets, providing a platform for further expansion.

The EoR to Entity service is particularly beneficial for mid to large-sized companies and industries with a significant international presence that plan to expand their footprint and require a robust structure for managing global operations. Industries such as technology, consulting, and manufacturing, where compliance and local representation are crucial, find this service especially valuable.

HSP Group ensures compliance by leveraging our deep understanding of local and international employment laws, conducting thorough compliance audits, and providing guidance on best practices throughout the transition. Our dedicated team of experts works closely with each company to navigate the legal complexities of establishing new entities and transferring employees, ensuring that all operations remain compliant with local regulations.


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