HSP Group Announces VC Network Sponsorship

Simplifying global operations and distributed workforce solutions for portfolio companies

HSP Group, the client-preferred provider of global expansion software and services, is excited to announce it has joined the largest network in Silicon Valley of venture capital investors and became a sponsor of the VC Network. The announcement was made by Larry Harding, HSP’s Founder & CEO. VC Network was founded in 1997 by Ira Ehrenpreis of DBL Partners and Phil Sanderson of Griffin Gaming Partners with the idea of bringing together General Partners from the Bay Area to network with their peers.  Numerous VC networking events are hosted throughout the year, providing like-minded VCs with an opportunity to connect and share their experiences. VC Network encompasses over four hundred member funds.  

“We are happy to welcome HSP Group into the VC Network community. We see a lot of value in having a sponsor that focuses on customizable solutions for supporting global operations and a distributed workforce. Startups are growing at an unprecedented rate, and it is important that they have their global strategy in place, not only to enter new markets but also to build their international teams. Efficiency and scalability are key to hypergrowth, and as VCs, we appreciate having a company with deep expertise like HSP that we can work with and rely on,” said Phil Sanderson, VC Network Founder.

“Phil and Ira have done a fantastic job building VC Network to the point where it is a vital part of the technology ecosystem in the Bay Area. Today’s VC-backed companies are expanding their global footprint exponentially and are increasingly seeking a technology-enabled service offering to help them navigate the global complexities of operating in new markets.  We are honored to join their world-class sponsor list of top-tier service providers supporting the VC industry. We look forward to building a lasting relationship with the member funds and helping their portfolio companies execute their ambitious plans and succeed with their expansion strategies overseas,” said Larry Harding of HSP Group.

HSP Group focuses on helping technology companies expand their global footprint and personnel by delivering customizable strategies that fit their lifecycle, from series A through to their later funding rounds.  This affiliation with VC Network is timely as tech companies are experiencing a huge shift in how they source talent and expand into new markets.

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