HSP Group offers HR alongside International Payroll Solutions

HSP Group, the client-preferred provider of global expansion software and services, is pleased to announce the addition of new services in the broad category of HR and Payroll under the experienced leadership of Katie Davies, recently Vice President of International Solution Development & Advisory Services at Vistra, and Sky Mehringer, previously Head of Human Resources & Payroll Consultancy at TMF Group.  Thanks to these new hires and the teams reporting to them, HSP Group’s offerings in this area now include:

  • Recurring services including Global Payroll, Employer of Record (EoR), and HR Administration.

  • Consulting Solutions that specialize in supporting core HR functions pertaining to

    • Employee relations (contractual matters; hiring & termination assistance);

    • HR procedural matters (such as performance management and policy creation);

    • Reward strategies with compensation & benefits planning and implementation;

    • HR compliance & audit support, including data protection compliance-related matters;

    • Recruiting assistance, including executives and staff;

    • Training and employee development;

    • Immigration and global mobility considerations, including practical support to determine appropriate policies and procedures to support remote workers, assignment planning and policy creation, expatriate tax and social security due diligence, and compliance.

From Our Team

“For too long, legacy providers of international “HR & Payroll” or “Human Capital Management” solutions have been too narrow in their offerings to be as useful to their clients as they should be,” said Larry Harding, CEO.  “To be truly responsive to the requirements of HQ-based clients in need of the services that help them manage a global footprint, their provider of these services needs to understand and care about what they really need and must invest in the professionals and technologies that can best help them.  We’ve made that commitment with the founding of HSP Group, and we’re following through on that commitment with the investments and new hires we’ve now made.”

“For companies experiencing fast-paced international growth, it can be challenging to ensure that the building blocks for local and global HR compliance, as well as best practice, are in place from Day 1 in each country in which they are operating. Equally important is staying on top of HR compliance and best practice as companies evolve and mature over time, to ensure that HR approaches, policies, and compensation strategies remain competitive, compliant, and attractive to talent,” notes Katie Davies.

“Having helped hundreds of clients for decades now, we know that they face challenges implementing and making decisions within short timeframes, often with limited internal resources and/or budgets.  Having a business partner who understands these practical considerations and can provide support in a timely and pragmatic way is essential to success.  We work hard to ensure that the HR and finance teams we support can remain outwardly focused on ensuring that local hire, as well as expatriate employees, get the best employee experience possible.”

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