Streamlining Global Business with CRM-based Solutions


Many global service providers aspire to have a single source of data, one central location holding all client and internal information, and to manage and maintain all of it in compliance with Data Protection laws around the world.

Yet, more often than not, that dream never turns into reality. That can be for multiple reasons: delays in sunsetting legacy systems, growth through acquisition where there is little to no adequate change management, siloed organizations, and/or lack of expertise.

Well, today at HSP Group, we are happy to announce that this dream is indeed a reality.

We have successfully integrated an end-to-end, CRM-based solution that provides us visibility from Sales through to managing an ongoing engagement (“BAU”) and everything in between. From Opportunity status to contracting, through to Implementation and Onboarding project status, to Billing, and including the management of our recurring services engagements.

Our organization maintains visibility of our client’s journey, distinguishing aspects that require attention from those that are on track. We also track revenue invoices and recognition timelines, along with any contract amendments and much more.

This achievement enables HSP Group to concentrate on the client experience, employing flexibility and agility in our approach to efficiently support our clients without being hindered by cumbersome internal processes or systems. Instead, we utilize real-time, unified data together with our true Single Point of Contact solution. Along with an unparalleled catalog of Global Expansion services that are the envy of our industry, our leading-edge systems ensure our clients’ journey exceeds all expectations.


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