A Success Story: Enabling SCLogic's European Expansion

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At a glance

Maryland-based SaaS firm SCLogic is trusted by  enterprises to specialize in campus logistics software, providing solutions for mailroom management and package tracking to improve operational efficiency in various institutions, including universities and corporate campuses. After being represented with an opportunity to expand to Sweden, HSP Group was called on to ensure a seamless expansion.

Featured Solutions

Entity Setup & Management

Payroll Consolidation

Employee Contracts & Benefits

Accounting & Tax Compliance

Bank account setup

The Challenge

Expanding business to a European country is accompanied with a slew of challenges; regulatory compliance and legal navigation, strict data protection laws and sustainability standards, requirements and regulations for opening corporate bank accounts, and many more. HSP Group was brought in at the onset in order to avoid delays and compliance breaches. 

The Solution

Bank Account Setup

HSP Group played a crucial role in SC Logic’s expansion into Sweden by assisting in the setup of two trust accounts essential for vendor payments and payroll processing; a critical step to ensure a smooth payroll function, as Swedish regulations require employees to be paid directly from a Swedish bank account.


Payroll Consolidation 

Overcoming challenges from complex local laws,  HSP Group managed SC Logic’s Swedish payroll, and supplied a detailed memo, guiding SC Logic through the Swedish payroll process, ensuring ongoing compliance and efficiency during expansion.

Entity Establishment

To service Swedish clients and comply with UK VAT and invoicing laws, SC Logic needed to establish a Swedish entity, ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements.

Employee Contracts & Benefits

HSP provided expert assistance to SC Logic by crafting employee contracts that were not only legally compliant but also clearly articulated. They seamlessly integrated standard probationary guidelines with SC Logic’s established onboarding processes, ensuring a smooth and legally sound employee integration.

Accounting & Tax Compliance

To maintain a positive standing with Swedish commerce, SC Logic needed to strictly adhere to local tax and accounting procedures. HSP played a pivotal role in this aspect by ensuring timely communication and facilitating a seamless tax filing process for SC Logic, covering annual returns and VAT filings for the years 2021, 2022 and beyond.

Even though HSP operates across a variety of countries and offers the full-suite of global expansion solutions, they continue provide us with a single point of contact, making our engagement feel like a collaborative partnership.”

The Results

SCLogic now leverages the expertise and services of
a single global provider, equipped to handle all the
company’s people and entity needs. At every turn,
SCLogic can lean on HSP for expert support.

Since partnering with HSP, Acquia has achieved:

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