How HSP helped Morpheus Talent Solutions Expand to the US

About Morpheus Talent Solutions

Morpheus Talent Solutions, a UK-based company, offers diverse business services encompassing staffing, statement of work, and AI consulting solutions. Specializing in white-collar staffing, they cater to early-stage, rapidly growing businesses in need of sales teams and software engineers for product launches in dynamic fields like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Additionally, they serve larger, post-IPO businesses undergoing digital transformation, delivering crucial senior appointments in the UK, Germany, and expanding their presence in the pivotal US market through direct employment of American citizens.

At a glance

UK-based Morpheus Talent Solutions joined forces with the HSP Group to extend their services to the United States. Recognizing a significant opportunity, they aimed to export their successful practices in executive search and interim management to a broader market. With the establishment of a seamless employment structure that also offered competitive employee benefits, Morpheus Talent Solutions was able to swiftly start operating within the U.S.

What we did

Global Mobility

Global Payroll

HR Administration

The Challenge

Faced with the intricacies of U.S. expansion, Morpheus Talent Solutions’ challenge was navigating the unknown, aware of potential fines and reputational risks. Choosing the right partner was critical to provide a clear view of the landscape, guide their decisions, and minimize the high stakes involved.

The Solution

Employment Structure Consultation 

HSP conducted a comprehensive assessment of Morpheus Talent Solutions’ expansion options, offering valuable insights into incorporation, EoR, and PEO models, with expert advice on scalability and future growth.

Employee Onboarding Support

Morpheus Talent Solutions received training on presenting changes to employees, facilitating seamless onboarding with collateral and data, addressing questions, and promptly resolving potential issues.

Employee Benefit Optimization

HSP ensured competitive benefit levels in the U.S. market and facilitated access to superior healthcare packages, enhancing the overall employee benefits package.

New Team Establishment

Demonstrating agility, HSP orchestrated the rapid setup of the new U.S. team within days, coupled with a steadfast commitment to ensuring timely payments and benefits for employees.

Strategic Planning

HSP provided ongoing support and strategic advice for potential expansion, seamlessly assisting in the addition of new team members, while also tailoring future planning based on a profound understanding of short-, medium-, and long-term goals.

“Since going live, HSP got us up and running quickly, and made our employees feel comfortable, knowing they would get their benefits and be paid on time.”

The Results

HSP’s robust support propelled Morpheus Talent Solutions’ U.S.. team into operation swiftly, fostering organic business growth within two months. With ongoing assistance paving the way for additional team members, Morpheus Talent Solutions was able to achieve:

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