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Discover the world of opportunities with HSP Group’s Global Employer of Record (EoR) services. Our bespoke approach ensures a fluid, managed transition for your business across international borders, with minimal risk and maximum efficiency.

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Quickly and compliantly hire, pay, and manage a global workforce.

EoR Evaluation

Embarking on an international expansion and uncertain about the best route to take? Our EoR Evaluation service is designed to assist you in assessing your options before you make a decision. We help evaluate whether EoR is the optimal solution for your specific expansion needs, or whether an alternative approach should be considered, ensuring you make the most informed, economical and beneficial choice for your business.

Solutioned EoR

Guided by decades of experience, our experts manage your EoR needs, offering you the freedom to focus on your core business while we navigate the complexity of global markets for you. Our differentiated EoR offering offers the perfect mix of base price cost-efficiency, combined with on-call expertise available for use only when and as needed.

Supported EoR

Global expansion comes with its challenges. If you've already implemented an EoR solution and, like so many others, are finding it difficult to handle the EoR process itself, HSP is here to help. Our Supported EoR service offers targeted assistance to manage, optimize, and, if necessary, override your existing EoR. We're committed to ensuring your EoR functions smoothly, supporting your business throughout the transition process, while minimizing the frustrations, errors and inefficiencies experienced by your team at HQ.

EoR Graduate

Even when a great starting off strategy, EoR is rarely a long term or permanent solution. We specialize in guiding businesses from EoR when launching operations in-country, to the time when establishing their own legal entity is the right choice. Our comprehensive, employee-centric process ensures a compliant, cost-effective and efficient transition for your growing business.

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Experience the Benefits of HSP's Comprehensive EoR Services ​


With a wealth of experience under our belt, our expert-led approach ensures we understand the unique needs of your business, providing tailor-made solutions for seamless global expansion.


Our market-leading GateWay platform offers complete control over your international business operations. All aspects related to your EoR can be managed through this comprehensive, easy-to-use interface.


Our expert consulting ensures you understand both the benefits and potential drawbacks of EoR, helping you manage risks effectively for successful international expansion.​


Our vision goes beyond immediate expansion. We work with you to develop a growth strategy for transitioning from an EoR to your own entity, ensuring a sustainable global footprint.​

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Discover the power of Global Employer of Record (EoR) and learn how it can revolutionize your global expansion efforts. 

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