HSP Group Launches GateWay Workflow for global operations

Continued enhancements to this industry-changing technology platform are altering client expectations as they seek solutions in the global expansion services market.

Meeting the Digitization Demand

Despite the pandemic-driven acceleration of digitization of client services, the global expansion services industry continues to grapple with decades of non-standardized, disconnected, and inefficient ways of delivering solutions, with never-ending transformation projects that consume extraordinary spend and management focus. Claims by legacy providers in this market for providing a single point of contact in this landscape are exaggerated, let alone not likely in real-time.

Earlier this year, HSP Group, the client-preferred provider of global expansion software and services, launched GateWay an industry-differentiating experience to allow our entire ecosystem of clients, employees, and partners to:

  • Access all our digital solutions with a single-entry point, across their entire global footprint, and

  • Securely transfer and exchange data and documents in compliance with global data protection regulatory (GDPR) requirements around the world, enabling HSP Group to efficiently deliver services

All our clients are live on GateWay, and their feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

This is, of course, only part of the story, in particular from the client communication perspective. Clients also need clear visibility on deliverables, including timelines. Therefore, they demand transparency into the status of local compliance in each of the jurisdictions they operate in. Connecting the platform to the work being performed by our client support teams and delivery partners becomes a game changer in providing real-time transparency and insight into service status.

GateWay Workflow

As we reach the half-year point of our launch, the journey continues, and HSP Group is pleased to announce the release of GateWay Workflow, a solution allowing real-time status updates for all of our clients, whether supported in one or more countries or utilizing one or more of our services.

The GateWay platform and the GateWay Workflow solution allow our client personnel, along with the HSP Group employees and partners who oversee the delivery of our services, to all stay closely connected with one another throughout their end-to-end journey with our organization. It enables a single point of contact to proactively support our clients with real-time visibility into global delivery and ensure adherence to all local compliance deadlines.  This capability does not effectively exist elsewhere in our market.

Services supported by our digital end-to-end technology include all of our recurring Global People Services* and Global Entity Services**, as well as all of our Consulting Solutions specialized services.

From the Team

“HSP Group is excited to have launched this next release of what we think is already the leading technology solution available in our market,” said Larry Harding, Founder & CEO.  “These first applications represent just the start of the revolutionary product roadmap for our GateWay platform. For those of us operating in the global expansion services market for many years, it has been a frustratingly long wait for disruptive technologies to take hold here as effectively as they have in most other markets during this time.  Our collective efforts and investments are bringing that wait to an end, and our clients, employees, and partners will be the ultimate beneficiaries of these efforts.”

Said Sam Sengupta, Head of Digital, “Bringing technology to market with rapid agility and a focus on client experience was a paramount objective. Our primary goal is to provide our teams with the necessary tools to be able to successfully act as a single point of contact across all of the geographies our clients are present in outside their home base of operations.

As we set out on our mission six months ago, we defined a target to create a digitally native culture by rapidly building an end-to-end brand that exists only in the digital world. A services business operated and delivered purely through a connected global platform. As a collective group, to have achieved this for our first clients and as a foundation for all our global clients as we grow and evolve is truly mind-blowing.”

Vice President and Head of Operations Dan Kragt comments, “GateWay Workflow adds a unique ability to bring transparency, oversight, and simplicity to our clients’ experience, all in one place and making a real-time single-point-of-contact a reality. A great example of technology bringing people together when operating globally.”

Start Today

Having opened our GateWay to you last quarter, HSP Group now welcomes the opportunity to bring you on the next stage of our digital journey. For additional insights, click the Learn More button below:

*Includes Global Payroll Processing, Employer of Record (EoR), and HR Administration services;

**Includes Statutory Accounting & Operational Bookkeeping, Corporate Income and Indirect/VAT Tax Compliance & Filing, and Corporate Secretarial/Registered Address Legal Entity Management & Compliance services.

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