Watch: Data Privacy Laws – A Must for Every Business

How confident are you that your organization complies with data privacy laws? If you waver even for a second before answering, you’ll benefit from watching this webinar with Michele Museyri, Business Development Director at HSP Group

The fact is no company can afford to ignore the importance of getting data protection right. As many businesses, large and small, have learned in recent years, a single mistake can come at a steep cost. Take a multinational powerhouse like H&M, for example, which was fined $41 million by German authorities for problematic monitoring of employees. Or, Tax Returned Limited, a comparatively small business, which took a $245,000 hit for sending unsolicited marketing text messages. 

Regardless of where your company operates, chances are data privacy laws apply.

Sometimes, simply collecting information from residents of another country will trigger a range of requirements. 

What steps do you need to take to stay compliant and keep your business out of trouble? In this webinar, Museyri lays out all the details you should know before you grow. Data privacy compliance is fundamental to the success of any company expanding its global footprint.

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