The Importance of Global HR Administration

HR Administration plays a vital role in all company sizes, from reinforcing company culture to ensuring the required basics, such as pay and recruitment, are taken care of. In this blog, we delve into the importance of Global HR Administration, otherwise known as Global HR Support, with a particular focus on why these activities (and the provision of these services) should be a core consideration for those that are operating overseas or looking to start their global expansion journeys.

What is Global HR Administration?

The best way to explain HR Administration services is to think about it in the context of the employee lifecycle. All aspects of the employee lifecycle that require compliance or day-to-day management will fall under HR Administration duties. This starts with a new hire. It then moves onto onboarding, payroll, benefits, statutory leaves, vacation, and time management. Finally, it ends with employee offboarding.

Employee Lifecycle Example 

If we look at just one part of the employee lifecycle: onboarding. Here are the different elements we will support with a new hire onboarding process:

  • Preparation of new hire paperwork, including completion of employment contracts
  • Filling out new hire checklists
  • Completing new hire tax forms
  • Helping to conduct employee orientation
  • Enrolling employees in benefits
  • Conducting right-to-work checks
Furthermore, HR Administrators can act as the new employee and payroll liaison. They often collect lots of information and data, such as passport copies, tax forms, W-4 forms, and I-9 forms.

Once an employee is onboarded, an HR team is responsible for numerous additional areas. Let’s say an employee needs to change their benefits if a life event occurs. The HR Administrator needs to submit the information to the benefits provider and liaise with payroll. If applicable, they coordinate occupational medical exams, distribute meal vouchers and restaurant coupons, and complete employee verification certificates.

In some instances, the HR Administrator will get access to a client’s HRIS system to update employee profiles, upload information, store documentation, and make any necessary changes and updates.

At HSP Group, we Take a Bespoke Approach.

At HSP Group, we have seasoned experts who act as an extension of the client’s team and can support all areas of HR administration. This is particularly relevant when the customer has small, centrally located HR teams or a global population without local HR specialists in each country. 

We take a bespoke approach and consider our customer’s needs, what is required in different countries, and resource constraints.  At HSP, we evaluate the tasks the payroll providers complete and the duties the in-house HR team is responsible for. We can then identify the gaps and areas where we can support.  

Country-specific Example

In France, some payroll providers do not have submission of new hire declarations (DUE) to the social security authorities as part of their standard payroll service, even though this is required by the government when bringing on a new hire.

HSP Group can complete the new hire declarations and support with the following:

  • Answering ad hoc questions, such as inquiries related to statutory maternity and paternity leave requirements
  • Guidance and support in case of an HR audit by local authorities
  • Preparation of documentation – salary increase, promotions, employment verification letters, etc.
  • Prepare an annual company holiday calendar – can be country by country with knowledge of what the different public holidays are across the world
  • Employee offboarding process – disenrollment from benefits, coordinate with payroll, severance calculations, notice requirements, updates to the HRIS system

A business may have a substantial HR team but no local expertise, with HR people located elsewhere. In this instance, HR Administration services can be used for employee termination assistance, such as drafting termination notices in another language, coordinating with local payroll providers for severance and last-day pay-out calculations, and coordinating in-person meetings to sign a notice in person.

It may also be the case that there is just one issue that’s challenging for a team within a business, and they feel they need some support. In this instance, HSP Group is happy to engage with the customer for just this one need.

Pros and Cons of HR Administration Services

With any external support, there are always pros and cons to consider.

  • HR and administration services offered by outsourced providers offer an HR resource that can provide expertise and knowledge in multiple countries worldwide – this is often hard to find in a single HR specialist or manager. Essentially, businesses use HR as a diversified resource as and when it is required.
  • The basics are all taken care of, allowing you to focus on business growth and expansion. Once you’re in a better position to hire more candidates and increase growth, you can do so knowing you’ve got all the correct systems in place.
  • Time-saving – having these services can save a lot of time if you’re a small business. HR and administration services take away the time-consuming administrative tasks from the team, allowing them to focus on more strategic objectives and spend more time on things such as employee engagement, performance management, and career pathing.
  • Cost benefit threshold – as was mentioned, these services are excellent for small offices requiring support. However, at some point with headcount growth, there is a threshold where outsourcing no longer makes sense, and hiring someone locally may be more cost-effective.
  • It can take some time to scope it out – often with these services, especially when outsourced via HSP Group, it’s a customized approach specific to each customer and each country’s unique situation. Businesses must help providers figure out exactly what they need them to do.

Get in Touch to Find Out More

 The importance of HR Administration services is undisputable – they’re a business essential that cannot be overlooked, especially when it comes to remaining compliant and supporting the employees through their employment lifecycle.

 For help or to enquire about HSP Group’s range of HR Administration services, contact us today; a team member will be happy to help.

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