GateWay: Your Global Growth Management Solution

Are you interested in finding out more about our new global expansion management platform, GateWay? 

With so many features to explore and an endless number of benefits for customers, Sam Sengupta, VP, Product, at HSP Group, has outlined some of the key takeaways of the software to give you a better understanding of what to expect from your GateWay journey.  


What is the GateWay platform? 

GateWay empowers growing companies to effortlessly and compliantly manage their international footprint. As the pioneer in global expansion management (GXM) systems, it provides a single platform to unify all applications and data for cross-border success, including Payroll, HR, Accounting, Tax, and Statutory Compliance. 

Applications will be the front end to each of these solutions, outlined below: 

  • Payroll – payroll and EOR (Employer of Record).  
  • HR – HR administration.  
  • Compliance – entity management and tax, legal related services. 
  • Books – accounting.  

With an easy-to-navigate user experience, GateWay is an entirely digital and intelligently connected software that simplifies and streamlines global growth activity in a native collaboration platform. 


The features and advantages of GateWay 

There are some core features and advantages of GateWay that provide customers with the visibility they need to keep on top of all their activities. Features of the core platform include: 

Security – given the sensitivity of the data we are dealing with, we started our application build with a multifactor authentication and single sign on (SSO) set up, consisting of domain level restrictions that only allows access to domain-specific email addresses.  This creates an industry-grade security framework ensuring breaches are prevented, meaning you can share sensitive data with the reassurance that it cannot be accessed.  

Unified communications typically, a CFO, CHRO or Chief Compliance Officerwill need to log into various systems to see their communications across all countries and services. However, thanks to the innovative technology behind GateWay, everything is combined in one single-access platform for ease of use.  

Status of client deliverables – with GateWay, we can connect the technology at the back end of the platform, collecting real-time updates and information, with the front-end view of the platform, giving stakeholders a clear overview of the status of deliverables. For example, you will be able to see the status of each project as it moves from one phase to the next.  

Status across all countries and a SaaS calendarGateWay features a real-time SaaS calendar that sits within the platform, giving consolidated access to all countries, services, and solutions in one place, with the option to toggle and filter data depending on the view you require. We internally update this calendar so that as soon as changes are made, such as legislative changes, you as the customer are notified by email and can get instant visibility that is otherwise not provided.  

Internal dashboards – with the internal dashboard, all data points are joined together in a single point of contact so that customers can receive answers from a customer success perspective, in real-time.  

Real-time notifications – thanks to technological integrations, as soon as compliance events become due in a certain country, customers can be notified and directed through the GateWay platform.  

Document storage – as well as the above features, GateWay also offers an effortless way to store important documents right at your fingertips. This also covers data that relates to your company or entity, and we provide that as a self-service feature.  


The technology behind GateWay 

GateWay is a unified data model, connected globally across all services, meaning we can provide real-time reporting that is otherwise unavailable in the market today. 

Utilizing latest technologies that benefit our customers, we are building in a continuous development environment, using cutting-edge solutions to build such applications, ensuring we take advantage of the evolution of the tech landscape in the last two to four years.  

This has allowed us to build solutions such as GateWay and its applications, taking these enhancements and new features to the market and addressing previously unmet pain points. 


Are you ready to access GateWay to better global expansion management?  

We have built something from the ground up that is completely connected, and we are so excited for our customers to experience this technology as they embark upon their global business expansion journeys.  

Interested in trying out GateWay for yourself? Talk to the HSP team today.

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