4 Key EoR to Entity Transition Considerations in 2024

If you’re currently using EoR to hire employees overseas, you already know that this solution can help you sidestep the complexity of the legal, financial, and regulatory requirements involved in overseas hiring. However, EoR is not a permanent hiring solution for most companies. For legal and compliance reasons – and the high cost – EoR […]

Defining Your Global HR Strategy: Key Steps for Successful International Expansion

2 executives shaking hands in a conference room setting

If you are expanding your business to operate overseas, you’ll need a sound plan to ensure your expansion positions are operationally ready. A key part of that plan is transforming your existing HR strategy to a global one. An effective global HR strategy allows you to identify and proactively address the complex challenges that global […]

Hiring an Independent Contractor Overseas? 5 common Pitfalls to Avoid.

As companies evaluate whether to expand into a particular country, it’s common for them to use independent contractors to test the waters as a more nimble alternative to hiring a full-time employee. For example, many of my US clients hire contractors in the EU to explore the European market potential for their products and services […]

Navigating the Nuances of Data Privacy in HR

Navigating the Nuances of Data Privacy in HR In a world where businesses operate on a global scale and are increasingly digitally connected, human resources (HR) leaders face complex challenges related to data privacy and protection. A recent webinar organized by the HSP Group, featuring data privacy and GDPR experts Kathryn, Terese, and Michele, provided […]

Why Today’s Corporate Secretaries Are More Important Than Ever for Global Expansion

As we wrote in a previous blog, we’re seeing global companies responding to several trends that are influencing global expansion, from an increase in M&A activity to a changing regulatory landscape. These trends are also creating growing pressures that corporate secretaries are uniquely positioned to address. Today’s blog walks you through the challenges that companies […]

HR Guide to Post-Pandemic Digital Nomads

The emergence of digital nomads is reshaping the framework of work-life balance, presenting a unique blend of travel and work. This novelty, however, introduces significant challenges for Human Resources departments, particularly since COVID has normalized remote work. HR professionals are confronted with intricacies such as tax management, adherence to immigration laws, and fostering strong relationships […]

4 Trends Driving the Need to Invest in Corporate Secretarial Services for Global Expansion

When you think about your upcoming M&A, chances are that “Corporate Secretarial Services” are not the first words that come to mind. And yet, perhaps they should be. Today’s blog highlights key trends that underscore the importance of Corporate Secretarial Services (commonly known as “CoSec”) in overseas acquisitions. We’ll also explore why they matter to […]

ChatGPT vs HSP: 3 Keys to Success for Cross-Border Carve-Outs

“The Blind Men and the Elephant” is a classic Indian folktale in which six blind men who long to learn about life outside of their small village discover an elephant for the first time, with a surprising connection to cross-border carve-outs. As each man inspects the elephant, he describes what he perceives the animal to […]

Will AI Disrupt How Companies Conduct Global Expansion in 2024? It Depends.

If there’s one thing we can count on in 2024, it will be the continuing onslaught of headlines sounding the alarm (or promise) of AI and machine learning as a potential disruptor in almost every industry—from banking and finance to healthcare. This begs the question: is global expansion also ripe for disruption by AI? In […]

Think BIG With Your Global Expansion Strategy

If you’re a successful US-headquartered company aiming to expand internationally, it’s a safe bet that the first country you expand into won’t be your last. And yet, too often, I see companies tripping up on their global expansion plans by planning for just that—one country at a time. How do I know? Because these are […]

ChatGPT and HSP Battle It Out on EoR to Entity Transition

If there’s one thing that we can be sure 2024 will bring, it’s the fact that we’ll all be using AI tools like ChatGPT more frequently. That’s why today we’re having a little fun. We’ve decided to pit ChatGPT against Steve Malley, Global Director of EOR, our senior expert on how to properly evaluate the […]

A Global Payroll Solution Is Only as Good as the Implementation That Precedes It

If your company is expanding globally, you likely know first-hand the challenges that rapid expansion can bring to your HR and payroll operations. Done right, outsourcing payroll operations can be a huge boon. However, even large companies are not immune to the internal expertise and capacity constraints associated with bringing on a third-party global payroll […]

The Visibility Challenge in Global Payroll Management: 3 Common Pitfalls

2 executives discussing strategy in a conference room setting

Companies expanding internationally and hiring employees across multiple countries often find global payroll management unexpectedly challenging. The key reason is a lack of visibility and expertise surrounding all payroll activities and regulations across each country in which employees are hired. Because each country’s payroll typically requires a separate process, companies quickly find themselves employing a […]

Three Indicators it’s Time to Graduate from EoR

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Have we started to see the great separation in the Employer of Record (EoR) industry? Companies like Deel, Remote, and Rippling announced product enhancements to differentiate them from mainstream EoR-only providers. Payroll acquisitions, Professional Employer Organizations partnerships, and a broader offering around the full-stack HR experience can lead us to one conclusion. EoR as an […]

Expand to Ireland

Your Ireland Expansion Experts: EoR HR Payroll Compliance Books Enter the Irish market confidently with HSP Group. When it comes to financial bookkeeping, employer of record services, comprehensive human resources management, stringent compliance adherence, and meticulous payroll management – we’ve got you covered. Speak to an Expert Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete […]

Expand to Mexico

Your Mexico Expansion Experts: EoR HR Payroll Compliance Books Enter the Mexican market confidently with HSP Group. When it comes to financial bookkeeping, employer of record services, comprehensive human resources management, stringent compliance adherence, and meticulous payroll management – we’ve got you covered. Speak to an Expert Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete […]

Expand to the United States

Your US Expansion Experts: EoR HR Payroll Compliance Books Enter the United States market confidently with HSP Group. When it comes to financial bookkeeping, employer of record services, comprehensive human resources management, stringent compliance adherence, and meticulous payroll management – we’ve got you covered. Speak to an Expert Please enable JavaScript in your browser to […]

Expand to United Kingdom

Your UK Expansion Experts: EoR HR Payroll Compliance Books Enter the United Kingdom market confidently with HSP Group. When it comes to financial bookkeeping, employer of record services, comprehensive human resources management, stringent compliance adherence, and meticulous payroll management – we’ve got you covered. Speak to an Expert Please enable JavaScript in your browser to […]

The Importance of Global HR Administration

HR Administration plays a vital role in all company sizes, from reinforcing company culture to ensuring the required basics, such as pay and recruitment, are taken care of.

In this blog, we delve into the importance of Global HR Administration, otherwise known as Global HR Support, with a particular focus on why these activities (and the provision of these services) should be a core consideration for those that are operating overseas or looking to start their global expansion journeys.

The Ultimate Checklist for Global Hiring

Steve Malley, Global Director of Employer of Record (EoR), has put together the ultimate checklist for global hiring to help you bring on the best new global talent for your business venture.


The 2022 FIFA World Cup victory was just the type of news the embattled Argentina needed. With inflation at a record high and economic growth expected to slow this year, the third-largest economy in Latin America is still searching for macroeconomic stability. Despite the hardship, the government is seeking reforms with an IMF-supported program, and […]


As one of the largest economies in the world, Brazil is a natural next step for growing companies. So, what does it take to succeed in this part of South America? The short answer: detailed knowledge on how to achieve compliance in a highly complex regulatory environment.  TALK TO AN EXPERT At a Glance Do […]

United States

No global market holds more sway over entrepreneurs than that of the United States. As the largest economy in the world, it presents unmatched opportunities for growing businesses. Among the challenges, one comes multiplied by 50 as each state essentially acts like a small country, adding another layer of complexity that newcomers must overcome to […]

United Kingdom

The UK lives up to its reputation as one of the safest and easiest places in the the world to do business. With a robust market infrastructure, pro-innovation environment, and large talent pool, the UK boasts a global comparative advantage, especially in service sectors such as finance, information, and communication. But companies do need to […]


Despite the frequent focus on the high-tax Swedish welfare state, few European countries offer a more business-friendly and digitized climate. Everything from incorporation to taxes can be completed online. For many Swedes, filing taxes requires no more than sending a single text message. The advanced IT and data infrastructure along with the close collaboration between […]


Among expats, Portugal’s advantageous tax regime is a well-known draw (along with Port wine and 300 days of sunshine a year). The government has for the past decade implemented a range of structural reforms to prioritize foreign investment and an ambitious EU-funded reform agenda aims to accelerate climate and digital transitions. After a deep post-pandemic […]


Buoyed by a large and rapidly expanding middle class, India has become the go-to source for talent in Asia. As incomes have risen, Indians now buy more higher-value and processed products, opening up opportunities for foreign suppliers. The growing tech sector combined with the low cost of operation, including everything from infrastructure to salaries, also […]

Costa Rica

Among countries in Latin America, Costa Rica draws foreign investors like no other. With low crime levels, an investor-friendly environment, a stable economy, and favorable living conditions, it often acts as a stepping stone into the region. In recent years, Costa Rica has emerged as a pioneer in greening its economy, and it has earned […]


The world’s second largest economy is a magnet for foreign investment. It’s also a market that requires informed and careful navigation. Most foreign companies seek the support of outside experts to fully understand both the regulatory landscape and cultural nuances that are so important to business success in China. TALK TO AN EXPERT At a […]


Spain recently passed the Startups Law — and it spells great news for foreign talent, investors, entrepreneurs, and digital nomads. The law was designed to nurture the country’s startup ecosystem, offering new startup visas, tax benefits, and special public funding. Still, whether you’re a startup or established business, there are a number of requirements you […]


Compliance is a key consideration for companies operating in Singapore. Failure to adhere to the high standards for transparency and accountability can result in significant fines and penalties. Companies have to pay particular attention to both corporate governance and intellectual property (IP) rights. Despite the complexity, doing business in Singapore can — with the right […]


Outstanding infrastructure, world-class research and development, and a business culture that values punctuality, formality, and efficiency. Companies that understand the latter will put themselves in a strong position to capitalize on what this vibrant market has to offer. Newcomers also have to understand they are subject to a significant degree of regulatory oversight related to […]


Are you looking to expand into the EU? Then, Ireland is an ideal first step. The ease of setting up, an advantageous tax regime, a deep talent pool, and an established ecosystem of headquartered multinational companies all work in your favor. TALK TO AN EXPERT At a Glance Do I need a local bank account? […]


France combines incredible business opportunities with a maze of regulations. Take, for example, the statutory chart of accounts that all businesses must use to record transactions on approved accounting software. To ease some of the regulatory burden, the French government has recently introduced steps to simplify the corporate income tax. And when it comes to […]


Few other countries make it easier to start a business than the Land Down Under. And few other countries offer a more coveted lifestyle. Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth, are renowned for their liveability and affordable cost of living. Global talent flocks to Australia and many choose to stay and make it their home. How can […]

New Zealand

For good reason, New Zealand has earned a reputation as one of the most business-friendly countries in the world. From the strong entrepreneurial spirit to incentives for foreign investments, the country ticks practically every box for growing businesses. If New Zealand is on your shortlist, we can help you make a swift entry. TALK TO […]


Cultivate relationships. Understand the bureaucracy and labor market. Be patient. Those are the ground rules for seeing success in Italy. Besides its legendary culinary scene, rich cultural heritage, and reputation for outstanding hospitality, the world’s eighth-largest economy combines a strategic location with a heavy focus on R&D, innovation, and diverse manufacturing. If you have a […]


In the race to attract international business, Mexico is a strong contender. Although ranked low on ease-of-doing business lists, the second-largest economy in Latin America is on track to outgrow the GDP of most European nations by 2050. The sectors for transportation, energy, and telecom are particularly strong and the government has taken action to […]


Consider the Netherlands your springboard to Europe. As a cog in European transportation, it equips international companies with easy connections to the continent and beyond. Combined with a strong economy — the fifth largest in Europe — this sliver of land delivers value few others can match. TALK TO AN EXPERT At a Glance Do […]